TRUMPF TruLaser Station 5010

TRUMPF TruLaser Station
Travel X x Y x Z
1000m x 1000m x 1000m

x 1 unit
TRUMPF PowerWeld x 4 units
T.I.G. Welding x 5 units


TRUMPF TruLaser Station 5010 - Laser Welding for All Workpieces

Even workpieces weighing several tonnes have filigree geometries, mirror finished surfaces and near surface cooling channels. The TruLaser Station 5010 transfers the advantages of laser welding to workpieces such as these. At the same time, the machine has unlimited suitability for workpieces measuring only a few millimeters.

To cover this broad range of different workpieces, all linear movements on the TruLaser Station 5010 are carried out by the laser. The workpiece itself remains stationery - which means the precision and dynamics of the machine are workpiece-independent. The focusing optic can thus be moved almost completely out of the working area. Loading with forklift, crane or platform-lift truck is simple and easy.